Dog lovers unite!

I am a total animal person. I work at a Museum that has a zoo and I consider every single last one of those boogers my babies—especially our sloth (she’s adorable). While, I am waiting patiently for a pet Quokka (never going to happen, because Australia), I do have to give a shout out to my dogs.

Now, sloths are probably the perfect pet—they mostly stay put, they poop once a week, you can litter train them, and they show amazing amounts of affection. At the end of the day though—it’s all about puppies!


I found this meme, it sums me up perfectly!

In the dog vs. cat wars I know cats outnumber the dogs on the internet, in people’s hearts, and in their houses, but dogs are by far the superior pet. Sure, they need to be fed, bathed, let outside, and are needy, but that’s the best part, right? Dogs love unconditionally. while cats are like, “meh”. Also here’s a list of other things they can do:

  • Sniff out bombs
  • Take down bad guys
  • Detect cancer in the body
  • Be a service animal
  • Detect seizures
  • Lead the blind
  • Fight in combat zones

Dogs. are. amazing—and I love my little wolf pack. So cheers to all the dog people and look out for a recipe for my home made holiday dog treats coming soon! Also, all pets are awesome as long as they are rescued and not purchased, so if you’re getting a pet this holiday remember to adopt and not shop!


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