Puppy Love & Puppy Loss

I keep having this horrible nightmare that I am on a giant family vacation with my in-laws and our pets. I wasn’t sure where we were headed, but we were in an airport. One of my in-laws lets go of my favorite pups’ leash and when the TSA finds him she tells them it’s not her dog. Long story short—through a long series of stupid and unfortunate events—Huffman, the puppy love of my life, ends up in Arizona at a rescue that won’t give him back. And no matter what I do I can get to him.

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 3.48.59 PM

My Huffman Dog ❤

I have three dogs and I’ve had family dogs in the past. I’ve loved them all, but Huffman is different. He’s like this little ball of fur that knows when I’m sad, scared, or just need a cuddle. He never leaves my side. He’s probably one of my best friends…and he’s getting older…and more sick. I think a lot about how unfair it is that dogs don’t live 1000 years and how I am mentally going to have to prepare myself to say goodbye to him someday.

I saw this video not too long ago and it celebrates the life and death of the pups we love and the relationship between man and man’s best friend in such a beautiful way. I just had to share, it’s strangely makes me feel better when I think about Huffman and my other pups and how we’ll have to say goodbye to each other someday.


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