So This Is The New Year


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First post of the new year! Saying goodbye to 2015 was not that hard, there were a lot of great things and a lot of really heartbreaking things. Around the end of the year had been exploring my career options and after applying/interviewing for a new position, I was told I was the first pick out of 50 people. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s a good fit, but I am looking forward to exploring options and killing it!

On the bittersweet side, my parents divorce is finally final. Having your parents divorce as an adult comes with a host of challenges that are very different from experiencing a divorce when you are younger. This resulted in my father promising to never talk to my mom, sisters, and I again. My mom is lonely, but happy and I think she’ll only feel better as time goes on. Needless to say, there was a lot of negativity in 2015 that I can do without in 2016. To combat this, I am really sticking to my resolutions this year.

Each year I write down my resolutions and listen to the same New Year’s songs, there’s something encouraging and comforting about it. This year I’ve made a motivational playlist to share; songs about the New Year, moving up (and on), and not letting anyone/thing get you down. I’m done with that, I did it entirely too much last year.

This year is about resolutions, all things creative, and laughing…a lot!

In 2016 I resolve to:

  • Do more yoga and at least one sequence before bed (it helps you sleep better).
  • Take down all the wall paper in my house and paint. It has to be done or I will go insane.
  • Plant a garden filled with veggies, fruits, and flowers in the spring. Also, I really want a lemon tree.
  • Be more organized. I need to be as organized at work as I am at home. I currently have no idea where I put my dog’s Christmas bones…soooo they didn’t get a tasty bone on Christmas morning.
  • Drink more tea and water—water especially.
  • Tell people “no”, don’t put up with people’s crap, and call people out on their bulls*it. What you will allow will continue, I have found.
  • Spend more time doing creative things.
  • Last, but not least. Mr. JD and I are going to start trying to have a family…sometime. Can’t say when, but it’s the right time to start! The first song on my playlist of a nod to that. The lead singer wrote it for his daughter. Her name is Cecilia…I think I like the name Talulah ❤

Hello 2016…

It’s not Monday, but I made a Mixtape anyways—you can click on the image above or follow this link.

This song should have made it on there because…obviously, but Taylor doesn’t play well with Spotify so, honorable mention.


Happy 2016 Everyone! Say goodbye to the bad and hello to the hilarious, sweet, and successful ❤



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