Dreamy Houses in Old Line State

I am currently in Maryland on work/mini vacation with Mr. JD. We’ve only been here for a few days and one of them I had a project to finish up and the other Mr. JD had a huge, huge presentation that put him on track for a promotion. Needless to say, we didn’t do the whole “DC” experience. Maybe next time.

We did, however, see some beautiful houses, ugh…the houses! On every corner of the historic district in Rockville, MD (a suburb of DC) was a house of my dreams (with a hefty price tag, homes around here are easily half a million dollars for the same amount of space I have at my current house).

I digress…we’ve all thought about our dream homes, mine “has” the following:

  • Victorian or colonial-style house with a wrap around porch
  • A small pond with ducks
  • A skylight and solar power
  • A Christmas tree window (aka a window that splendidly displays your Christmas tree.)
  • At least an acre of land with a small barn so I can have chickens, goats, and an old horse that is happy to roam around my yard and spend his days chasing my puppies.
  • Willow trees, vegetable gardens, beautiful flowers everywhere.
  • A pool with a small pool house/office
  • A working fireplace
  • A florida porch

Tall order, right? Because my parents lost my childhood home, I always want to make sure I can, above and beyond, afford whatever house Mr. JD and I have. I am not a fan of living beyond or at your means (saving is important!), which is why instead of 1/3 of our monthly income which is the “standard” our house payment is a little shy of 1/5 of our monthly income. I realize this isn’t a reality for some people, but if you can’t afford/don’t absolutely need an extra $20,000 worth of house, why put yourself through the stress? Just settle for less and maximize your space! However, home budgeting/maximizing space is for a different post.

Back to my “tall order”—no matter how much we grind, work, and put in extra time (I wish I got paid overtime as a salaried worker!), we might not ever be able to get my dream house, but I can just look at these dreamy houses instead!


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