Hello there! Welcome to my little corner of the world, Moxie & Spark.


Me and my best furry friend, Huffman!

My name is Lauren and I created this space to share the things I love and am passionate about: Feel Good Things, DIY, Crafting, Recipes, Wellness, Upcycling, and more. I have a Business Degree with a concentration in Marketing and currently work full time at a Museum, which I love! I am passionate about volunteering, non-profit work, and doing great things to change communities. I also believe that hard work and creativity feed the soul and that smart ladies are truly bad-ass!

Mr. JD, aka the best husband in the world--despite what the cup says!

Mr. JD, aka the best husband in the world–despite what the cup says!

My small family consists of my three dogs, my husband (Mr. JD). We are in the same boat as many young couples; we moved a lot during college and law school, got married, and somehow bought an amazing house despite copious amounts of student loans. The only caveat? The house is head-to-toe 60’s wallpaper (and not a cute vintage or mod kind) and we are going room by room to fix it into our own. Part of this blog will be dedicated to recording that process, to keep us accountable in a way. Tackling our house is such a huge process and we definitely need to stay

My wolf pack!

My wolf pack!

on task, but with the long (and I mean LONG) hours we work—sometimes it seems impossible.

Here’s a little more about my loves and dislikes that I try to avoid if at all possible:

Love, admire, and inspire:

  • fall
  • hard work
  • rescuing animals
  • horror movies
  • the smell of bonfires
  • glass ceiling breakers
  • thunderstorms
  • quirkiness
  • punk rock
  • cozy socks
  • all things that sparkle
  • the smell of Museums & Galleries
  • vegan baked goods
  • coffee
  • beauty products, especially cruelty free
  • the ocean
  • pumpkin

Not a fan of:

  • eating meat (but I still cook it for my husband)
  • laziness
  • mean people
  • writing with blue pens — weird, I know
  • missed opportunities
  • rom coms

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