Freebie Friday: Happiness Is… Print!


I needed a serious pick me up today. Everyone has those weeks and this has certainly been one of them, at least for me. However, we always have Fridays to look forward to, right? I decided to celebrate the weekend by creating a printable pick-me-up. I saw a movie once (the name escapes me) where Tina Fey leaves herself post-its with positive affirmations on her vanity. I love that idea almost as much as I LOVE Tina Fey, however, I think we can do slightly better than a post-it.


I think sometimes we all need a reminder of what happiness is, especially when we are bummed because it’s easy to forget all the gifts we have when the world, people, or circumstances are clouding our minds. For me to feel happy, I have to look no further than the people (and puppies) I love, throwing myself into creative projects—whether at work or on this blog, and just trying to be the best version of me—and really not worrying about the rest.


Click to enlarge and download.

Click here to download.

Luckily I have access to a very nice printer at work that my graphics team uses–I can pay to use it when I need personal things printed (yay Marketing work perks). However, this can also be printed in a standard printer. I have some cheap Ikea frames laying around, but I also recommend stopping by your local thrift store and snagging a frame for .60 cents.

Sand it up, and paint it, and prop it up on your dresser as a daily reminder to love passionately, express yourself creatively, and be authentically you—because you’re awesome and don’t let anyone tell you/make you feel any different!

Also…did I mention that I LOVE Tina Fey? She’s hilarious.