How Does Your Garden Grow?

Happy Monday! This Motivation Monday is dedicated to anyone who feels like they are falling behind, can’t keep up, or feels like they are struggling while everyone else is all sunshine and roses. I am here to tell you, the grass isn’t always greener — often it’s not.


It’s really easy to feel like you have to work twice as hard as others for the same results. It can also be easy to feel like your accomplishments are celebrated with a whisper while other’s are trumpeted with resounding excitement. I think everyone wants love, support, and achievement in their lives and I think it takes a lot of hard work to earn those things. So, if you don’t have those and are giving it your all, while others have it made in the shade with half of the effort, just know their grass isn’t necessarily greener. It could be fake.

It’s really easy to be the center of attention, can-do-no-wrong champ when you put 100% of your effort into maintaining that. At the end of they day, it’s exhausting and it isn’t real. The real grass…it’s imperfect, patchy, maybe it looks like it’s been tilled, but guess what? That’s your investment and that’s where you’ll see the most flowers grow. Flowers are better than boring patches of grass anyways.

Happy Monday! xox


Hustle Hard, Girls.

Start the grind, it’s Monday y’all and I. am. excited! This week, I am signing a contract for a really amazing new position. It’s a HUGE step up in every way possible; compensation, work-life balance, benefits, opportunities, everything. It’s been a really long process; multiple interviews, a 15 page marketing plan, presentation, group interviews, the list goes on.


And…I’m batting 100–I’ve still never gone in for an interview and not received an offer for the position. So, keep at it…whatever you’re working on and you’ll get there, just hustle hard and run wild with success. Happy Monday. ❤

Backwards & In High Heels

So here’s the thing, no matter what you believe or who you support, you have to admit it’s pretty cool that for the first time ever a woman is competing on on behalf of a major party for the highest office in the land.

I remember being super young and asking my father why Barbara Bush was always on TV when she wasn’t the President. Then I promptly asked why she wasn’t the President. He replied, “Women don’t have those jobs.” and then I asked him, “Does that mean I can’t ever be President?”…to which he replied, “Women just don’t have those jobs. The President has always been a man.”

Needless to say, I was super confused. I come from a family of all girls, my mom is a proud feminist and we were always taught to not let gender be an excuse for anything or to accept that girls just aren’t good at certain things…like math, science, sports, etc.,. As I grew up my heroes were Mia Hamm, the Notorious RBG, and Tina Fey, but the notion that a women couldn’t be President remained, rationalized in my six-year-old head by concluding that some things were just impossibilities.

Then, Bill Clinton became President…and his wife, who was always on TV (much like Babs–except Hillary was talking about more than just reading and staying off drugs), became a senator. Hillary Clinton was a petite, blonde lawyer with a short hair cut and a pants suit–a spitfire, with an unfaithful husband and mountains to climb, just like my mom (except my mom at the time was a Republican—which she has since reconsidered).

Now, my mom is the happiest she’s been in a long time and last night I saw an impossibility become incredibly possible. I am so excited to be here to witness this and I am so excited that when my eventual future daughter asks me if a latino, black, asian, disabled, gay, trans, woman or man can be President I can answer her with a resounding “yes”. I simply can’t wait…

“The match has been lit and my fire burns bright, but I cannot do this alone…

Forward together.

Not one step back.”


I’m the Hero of This Story on a Monday.

HeroHappy Monday! Here’s some motivation for you because it’s going to be a longggg week!:

Often times, I think that people are way harder than themselves than anyone else, which is crazy because why pile on top of what your critics already say/think about you? People will paint you in a negative light—there’s no reason for you to add to what people who aren’t your friends think and there’s certainly no reason why your biggest critic should be yourself.

It’s taken me a long time, the majority of my life, to get to the point when I don’t care what people say and I don’t participate in the criticism of myself. In fact, the only time I ever get blindly furious is when people make assumptions about my family and my childhood (and adulthood, really) — which is something my mother, sisters, and I currently struggle with, with regards to my father. Sounds really crappy of someone to bring up, right? Also, name an “ism” and it probably really angers me, because duh.

The hardest part of being kind to yourself is realizing that nobody can make you feel comfortable about your character and capabilities except for you. So, be your own hero…be your own Batman…Superman…Beatrix KiddoWednesday Addams…whoever, because at the end of the day you have to save yourself.

Also, let’s get some more awesome female superheroes please?


Take it, Use it, Rise Above it!

I know it’s a little late for some motivation for this Monday, but here’s something for the rest of the week.


I nailed a very important appointment I had today, spent time with my husband, and worked out while doing errands (yes, I made a hair appointment while on my elliptical). I feel great and ready to tackle the entire week and while I hope you do as well, I know that Mondays can be tough.

Of course, there are always reasons to feel down, questions the caliber of person you are, and where you are going, especially when people (including yourself) plant those seeds. Use it as motivation, prove them wrong, and get. it. done! xo

Sugar & Spice & Jedi Freaking Knights

I haven’t had time to post this week because I have a million things going on at work, BUT one of the things we have going on is this huge Comicon-style event (which I am really excited about). With all of the stormtroopers, wookiees, and trekkies walking around, helping us do promotion, my inner sci-fi nerd is geeking out!

Needless to say, when I was a little girl I always wanted to be one of the following over a princess, mermaid, fairy (okay, I kind of wanted to be a fairy or a lost boy—who doesn’t want to fly???) or damsel in distress any day:

  • Wednesday Addams
  • A Jedi Knight
  • The Karate Kid
  • Mia Hamm

The list goes on…so needless so say, I am loving this:


Here’s to all of the little girls and young women who choose to be the hero ❤

Here’s A Freebie For Your Monday!

I know it’s not Freebie Friday, but I needed to share this…mostly because everyone needs a pick-me-up on a Monday. The past week has felt kind of like a game of dodgeball, except I am on a team of 2 (my husband is my favorite teammate) vs 10 and the balls are hiccups in plans, passive aggressiveness, and exhausting amounts of work.


This week, I need to be incredibly focused. I have a potentially life changing opportunity that I have to be fully prepared for and I can do without curve balls, comments from the peanut gallery, and probably just Facebook all together. It gets super negative, super fast, especially if you are reading political articles.

So, as I prepared for this week I decided to create some Monday Motivation after listening to my second favorite JEW album. I mean, if it’s good enough for Taylor Swift, it’s good enough for us all right?

Click here to open and save/print the poster. Hang it next to your vanity because you do everything you can…and don’t you worry what the bitter hearts are gonna say. ❤

Click to Download