Cute Engagement Gifts for Under $50!

Let me start by saying I was going to do a “Before and After” about our gorgeous living room, BUT I got some wonderful news today! My sister and her boyfriend are on vacation in Anguilla and he popped the big question! I am not going to officially spill the beans as to what she said, but I will say that I am very happy for her.

It’s happy, but slightly sad for my mom, she was feeling terrible that she couldn’t afford to chip in and give us big weddings. My father, who isn’t currently in my life, created a lot of financial troubles for my family and he and my mom just finished a long divorce, which everyone knows is a drain on resources.

Needless to say, there wasn’t a lot of extra funds, however, that is just fine with my sisters and I…my “wedding” lasted about 5 minutes and we signed a couple of pieces of paper, my sister wants a very simple wedding, very small–just a few people, and my youngest sister will probably get married barefoot on a beach somewhere.

Once my mom began lamenting about the fact that she couldn’t chip in, my youngest sister perked her up by telling her that is was old school for parents to pay for their kid’s weddings and that everyone she knows it paying for their own wedding now…and I totally agreed! It made my mom feel 100% better and it made me think of something I pinned the other day; it’s literally the best advice I could give to a newly engaged couple:


There’s something really special about a wedding, ceremony, or occasion where the couple’s love for each other outshines the actual event and that’s what is important…not the decorations, the wine selection, etc. I wish for my sister something simple and lovely and full of love, as it should be! I know it will be magical!

Anyways, I have been scouring Etsy for cute gifts and came up with a round up of my favorite engagement gifts under $50. Check it out:


I am a huge fans of personalized gifts, there’s something really special about them, but when a gift can be functional and personal, that’s something special. The best part? All of these gifts are under $50!

Ring Dishes: These are a necessity for expensive things NOT falling down the drain. Turquoise Ring Dish via DarriellesClayArt.

Personalized Prints: I liked this particular one because it has a French twist, which is appropriate for my sister and her boyfriend, but there are plenty to pick from on Etsy. Personalized Bicycle Print via DexMex.

Cutting Board: Veggies, wine, cheese, the list goes on. These are functional and pretty enough to leave out on the counter. Personalized cutting board via TrueMomentos.

Etched Glasses: You can DIY these or order them, because the newly engaged couple will totally want to have some celebration wine. Glasses via HautePinkCreations.

Self-Inking Stamp: This is another functional and beautiful gift, plus it will save the couple time because they won’t have to hand address invites and save the dates! Self-inking stamp via SouthernPaperandInk.